Our yoga classes blend essential elements of hatha yoga with individual teachers having their own influences. More specific class styles are:

  • ANUSARA INSPIRED: Emphasizing a set of universal principles of anatomical alignment, which underlie all of the physical postures and poses, while connecting to philisophical aspecs of yoga. Flowing with ease & grace, expect a heart opening practice and modifications to help you in each pose.
  • COMMUNITY (CY): Our offering to those that live and work in the community. Open to all levels.

  • MEDITATION: A practice which watches the flow of breath and thoughts while in a seated posture. Each class will include instruction, group questions and sharing. Recommended for all levels as a perfect adjunct to a yoga asana practice.

  • PILATES: A series of mat based exercises designed to strengthen the core and improve posture.

  • PRE-NATAL (Mommy & Me/Mommy to Be): Classes for the mother-to-be offering gentle yoga postures and breath work to cultivate health and calmness for both mother and child.

  • RESTORATIVE: A series of restful postures using bolsters and blankets to fully support the body. This class will deeply relax and renew the spirit.

  • Sthira Sukkham Asanam: Right Effort- we all lead busy lives, but rarely take the time to slow down and reighn our 'pusher' tendencies. Focus on melding right effort with ease in your practice.

    VINYASA: The breath is the heart of this discipline and links asana to asana in a flowing movement.

  • YIN YOGA: The emphasis is on long-held passive stretching to enhance flexibility in the connective tissue that forms our joints. This deep meditative practice complements many physical activities.

  • YIN YOGA: The ultimate community class, where the objective is to expose yoga to all people. All levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged into this supportive, mindful & playful environment.

    PRIVATE YOGA: Please contact us for more information